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Print Ads design.Media buy (local, and national).Voice over.Translation.Commercial photographic.

Radio Show

In Maryland, the illiteracy rate is alarming.It is estimated at least 30% of illiterate in Spanish.The best way to achieve this segment is through the radio.For this reason, “Latinos en Maryland” born in Maryland by Latin Opinion Radio, the only community radio show in our area.Schedule: every Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 m. through Kepachangaradio.com


We are a newspaper oriented to the Hispanic family.Serving to the Baltimore community for over 11 years.The accuracy of our content is our first priority.Nourished by the principals news agencies of the world.Allies of the Office of Homeland Security.With partners at the highest level nationally and internationally.Permanents campaigns about domestic violence, child abuse, health, immigration, and much more.Customer satisfaction 100% guarantee.

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To develop, produce, market, and distribute products of media and PR, that exceed the expectations of customers and consumers that are coupled with community journalism that generate added value and benefits that will meet the interests of the community and readers. With our strategic allies, trading partners, and oriented human resource professional excellence, our team works in an organizational environment aimed at continuous improvement and decisive planning treatment for all media needs.


Being a medium and innovative social media public relations team aiming to inform and educate the American community, as well as other cultures, of the Latino/Hispanic spectrum. We strive for truthfulness, reliability, quality and social commitment to the Baltimore/Washington DC area through print and online media, radio, television, and film. Using technology that achieves the satisfaction of customers, while also contributing to the business world, to ensure the quality of life and achieve long lasting transformations for both the community and environment.


  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Social Commitment

Our History







•Our History Start with Impacto Latino, the first community Radio Talk Show in CBS Baltimore in 1998  and the idea to have a newspaper was born here.
•Representative the first radio station in spanish  in Baltimore “Radio Capital” y “Radio Mega”.
•El Hispano Newspaper. The first newspaper in Baltimore.
•Advertising Campaing and Hispanic Outreach for Census 2000 for the State of Maryland.
•Advertising Campaing for Hispanic Outreach Bilingual Voting System.
•Radio talk show “Viva Prince George”.
•Born Latin Opinion Baltimore as Opinion Latina.

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